Practical Help for DIY Wedding Invitations
Can you create your own quality wedding invitations from your home computer? Absolutely! We will help give you practical do it yourself tips.

Popular DIY Wedding Invite Questions

Size of Wedding Invitations

Paper / Envelopes

Typeface / Fonts


Wedding Invitation Wording


Reply / Response Cards

Information / Direction Cards

Is it proper to put registry information on my card?
What size is a traditional size or the standard dimensions for a direction card?
Do I need to put a map on my card?
Do you have any samples of information / direction card wording?

Thank You Notes for after the Wedding

How can I easily make my own thank you notes?
What size is a traditional size or the standard dimensions for a thank you note?
What type of envelopes do I need for a thank you note? What size should they be?
Where can I buy thank you note envelopes and paper?
How long after the wedding can I wait before sending out my thank you notes?

Just because your wedding invitations were cheap, doesn't mean they have to look cheap.

We know weddings can be expensive and that the wedding invitation is just one of many expenses you will incur. With the help of the practical tips given on this website, your diy wedding invitations can look great but also be very affordable. Following our recommended dimensions will mean very little paper waste. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, little or no waste means you can make them cheaper and your budget.