Return / Cancelation Policy

Last Updated - February 21st, 2014

At Simple Wedding Invites, we are committed to giving you high quality invitations that are error free. However, we do recognize that errors sometimes occur. If on the rare occasion your order contains an error or misprint caused by us, we will gladly reprint your order at no cost to you.

Our staff is trained to proofread all orders before printing, but it is the customer's responsibility to make sure their sample/proof is error free before approving it. If your order contains an error after you receive it and that error appeared on the final proof you approved, we will be happy to correct the mistake and reprint your order for an additional 50% of your original purchase price plus shipping for black ink products and 75% of your original purchase price plus shipping for color ink products.

In the case of a reprint, please do not return your order to us. We ask that you recycle the paper at your local recycling center.

If you cancel your order after our staff has begun to create the electronic files for your order, you will receive a 70% refund of your total order price. Note: Just because you haven't received any electronic artwork files, that doesn't mean that our staff hasn't started working on your order.

If you cancel your order after your order has been printed, but not yet shipped to you, you will receive a refund in the amount of the shipping cost of your order. Simple Wedding Invites, will not ship the order to you and will recycle the paper at a local recycling center.

After your order has been shipped to you and it contains no error either by the Simple Wedding Invites staff or the customer, the sale is final and cannot be canceled or returned.

Standard printing regulations allow a plus or minus one eighth inch margin of error from the proof for printing and bindery. The invitations are printed on a digital press and can only achieve the quality of that press. Simple Wedding Invites strives to give you the best quality invitations possible within these margins. Products cannot be returned if they are within these margins.

We try our best to ship all orders within 1-3 business days of proof approval. Occasionally, the amount of days until shipment may be longer due to volume and quality control. Orders cannot be returned or canceled because of a later shipment date.

Color ink may look different on your electronic proof and/or on the website than on your actual invitations due to computer monitor color variations and paper choice. Products cannot be returned for color variation due to the above factors.

We use an environmentally friendly digital printing press ink. When on the paper, the ink is slightly raised and has a waxy feel. The ink can be scratched off the paper with a sharp object or fingernail. Ink will not come off the paper in normal mail processing or by touching and using the products in a normal fashion. All of our products are hand inspected for dings and scratches before shipment. Products cannot be returned for an ink scratch that occurred after you received the product.

Simple Wedding Invites offers personalized and generic samples. Once ordered, these items cannot be returned or exchanged. Once a personalized sample's proof has been emailed to you, no refund will be given if you never received a physical sample in the mail because you failed to approve your emailed proof.

The linen paper has the linen texture on both sides, but one side is slightly rougher in texture than the other. If linen paper is selected, the invitation will be printed on the rougher side; on the information/directions card either side will be printed on the rougher or smoother side; on the reply card, the address will be printed on the smoother side; and the thank you note wording will be printed on the rougher side. Simple Wedding Invites strives to print on the linen paper according to the above specifications and will reprint any part of your order not printed on the side as stated above.