Wedding Invite Backings

Give your wedding multidimensional look by adding a backing.

A backing is a colored sheet of card stock that is glued or taped behind the wedding invitation to give the wedding invitation a small border and raised effect. All you have to do is shrink your invitation size by about a 1/4 inch on all sides. Cut the backing paper to the original invitation size that fits your envelope. Assembling the backings can easily be done at your home by using double-sided tape or a glue stick.

Examples of Wedding Invites with Backings

Below are just some examples of the many possibilities you have with backings.

Wedding Invite with Black Backing

Wedding Inviation with natural paper and black backing

Wedding Invite with Cream and Thyme Paper

Wedding Invitation with Tortilla and Desert Storm Backing

Wedding Invitation with Sunflower Backing

Wedding Invite ice blue with sunflower backing

wedding invite with ice blue backing

Wedding invite with periwinkle backing

Wedding Invitation with rose and black backing

Wedding Invite with thyme and desert storm backing